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Why An Alarm On The Child’s Door?

parenting safety Oct 30, 2022
door handle

Children need to feel safe.

Many of our children were hurt at night, often in their own bed! Some children laid in their rooms and listened to screaming and fighting as their family was torn apart by hate. Night time is hard for these children. When they have an alarm on their door they know no one can sneak in at night and hurt them. We get an inexpensive (about $35) door alarm from many major retailers. A child wounded by past trauma can rest peacefully knowing parents will come quickly to the rescue if anyone opens the door! They must feel safe to heal.


Healthy sleep patterns are essential to sanity.

Children with emotional illness often have trust issues. We have found they cannot share a room with another child and heal. They WILL NOT heal if they cannot sleep, or if they can physically, emotionally or sexually abuse another child. The alarm helps with all of those problems. We can keep them safe from themselves and those they do not trust when we can be alerted quickly that the door has been opened, and respond appropriately to keep the child safe. Put yourself in the child’s frame of mind for a minute: if you did not trust someone at all and you had to sleep in the same room, how soundly would you sleep?


Cranky parents are harder to attach to.

Parents need 8 hours of sleep each night to be ready to be loving leaders for their children. When we are on “guard duty” all night keeping one ear open for who is up stealing or hurting others we are ‘too pooped’ to parent right! An alarm is a wise investment to help our wounded children! One parent shared: “I never knew the peace of mind the alarm would give me. It prevents problems. Now I can relax!”


Photo by Jonathan Petersson

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