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Nancy Thomas

Hi, I'm Nancy Thomas

Founder of the Advanced Parenting Academy


This is my Story


My heart was called to work with and help children. As a Professional Therapeutic Parent working with an  agency founded by Foster Cline MD., I was struggling with children who lied, stole, argued and were often violent. I often found myself exhausted and wondering why they weren’t like everyone else's children. They didn't learn from me. I was honest, hard working and kind, they were the opposite! I was MISERABLE!

I had to find the answers to turn them around. I learned so much from this great man and other outstanding professionals in the field but the most I learned was on my knees at night praying for help. That was when I really started seeing the healing happening in the children and I was able to break free and step into the life I always wanted— confident, having fun with my children and free from the overwhelming stress of the past! Laughing and playing with my children the way I’ve always imagined became real life for us!

Now I’ve turned my success into an easy-to-follow system that anyone can use to turn their home from chaos to calm and start enjoying life (and your children) like never before.