Our camps and resources are research backed and approved by Nancy Thomas. They are so successful we now have copycats. Be careful of counterfeits! The real ones are all listed here for you to get the most effective help!

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For me, your success is personal! 

What started as a quest to help a few with RAD, Adoption, PTSD, ODD & ADHD has turned into a program that has helped thousands of children to be respectful, responsible and FUN! Step up to the ADVANCED program at home, in school or in the treatment office with the tools and confidence to turn childrens' lives around like never before! Let's have peace!

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Resources for Every Part of the Healing Team to Help Children with RAD, Adoption & Trauma 


Let me inspire, encourage and empower you with lots of new tools to stop the stress and bring you peace! They work!

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Learn actionable skills you can easily use to manage and help challenging students. Finally, you can relax and teach! You can change a life!

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With these new tools & insights you will be able to reach your clients with RAD and make a difference in their lives!

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

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