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Step Two to Healing- Power Food

food and nutrition parenting Oct 25, 2022

I was reaching for the whole milk in the grocery store when another shopper looked down her nose and growled, “ You aren’t giving that to your children are you!? They should have skim milk or 2%!” I replied, kindly, “Let me get your name and phone number so I can give it to our doctor because he recommended whole milk but if you have different research he needs to know about it!”

Don’t you love those “helpful” people who know zero about a child with special needs but give plenty of free advice!! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages parents not to restrict dietary fat or calories in children under two. Healthy fats like those found in whole milk are critical for brain development. “Whole milk supports neuron formation and other major brain growth and development,” said Deborah Goldman, M.D., assistant professor in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, and Nutrition.


Protein for Building Brains

In heading our kids on the healing path we need to feed them right! You want to have a bad day with a child? Just pull out the box of dry cereal and give them a load of carbs for breakfast then stand back and watch the fireworks!! Without the protein the body cannot make the neurotransmitters!! The serotonin, GABA, dopamine etc are literally all created with parts of protein! Without them we have depression, anxiety, ADHD and more. YUP! Pass the eggs, milk, cheese, meat and peanut butter. Bacon!? My cowboy has been know to whiff that at 50 yards and come to check it out! Aromatherapy at it’s finest.


Less Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Do you know they did a research project and found that the smell of homemade bread baking made such a powerful impact there was less drug and alcohol use in the homes that had it often. I don’t know if it was the aroma or a parent who took the time but I ran out and got me a bread machine that day and used it LOTS as my kids were growing up. A loaf of homemade bread costs 32 cents!! Here are my top three favorite bread recipes. I was super busy and had a house full of children so I had to find ways to make healthy meals fast. Pass the crockpot!


What else do we need to know as we help a child heal from trauma and grow a healthy brain?

  • Calcium deficiency causes sleep problems, irritability and nervousness
  • Zinc deficiency impacts the way you stink and think (stinking thinking?)
  • B1 not enough can cause mental confusion
  • B6 lack of that one causes depression, irritability and slow learning
  • B12 deficiency can cause schizophrenia, body odor, & psychotic symptoms
  • Biotin, shortage can create sleeplessness, nervousness and depression
  • Folic acid missing can show up as brain damage, learning disabilities, and mental illness as well as slow development.


Bottom line we need to scrap the junk food and break out the air fryer and put some good stuff in it to fuel our childrens’ brains to heal and work at full speed.


They put stuff in our food that can increase violence!

Do you know that EVERY fast food restaurant puts MSG in their food!? MSG causes brain swelling in about half of our kids that creates aggression and violence. A true drive through shooting! You shoot yourself in the foot with that menu!! Read the labels on what you put on your table or lunch box. They try to disguise MSG to get away with it!  Here is a list of the sneaky ways they try to hoodwink us and you will find it by scrolling down the blog post. Some folks choose to eat fast food because it is fast and cheap. OR IS IT!? I believe we pay big time in the long run when we feed our kids or our own bodies toxic waste! Some families eat there almost daily! NO wonder some children are berserk!!

  • How much minerals are needed? Check Here
  • The right vitamin intake is in This Chart
  • Correct protein amounts, etc. can be Read Here
  • Need to look up how much nutrition is in a particular food? Do It Here


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Who is Dianne Craft?

With a Master’s Degree in Special Education and over 35 years of teaching, Dianne saw the behavior challenges in the children in her special ed classroom. Seeking answers she dug through the latest research and even got a degree as a Certified Nutritional Health Professional (CNHP). Dianne began a quest for solutions to help her students that struggled with learning and behaviors. She found that if a child’s biochemistry is upset it could make it look like focusing problems, auditory processing problems, and even dyslexia. She traveled extensively to glean bits of knowledge and began applying new techniques to children who were struggling with learning and behavior and found answers! She enlisted the parents of her students to work with her to make huge life changes that turned her students from sinking to success. Dianne has solutions!

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