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Fun with Food

food and nutrition Oct 30, 2022
girl drinking smoothie

Would you pull up to a pump and fill up your BMW’s gas tank with water? Of course not! Why do some parents thinks it is okay to drive through and fill up their child’s tank with junk food?

Due to the high stress levels caused by flashbacks and self-induced tension, children with attachment disorder often have nutritional deficiencies because they don’t digest well. Their stomachs are ‘twisted in knots’. We see a lot of constipation, passing gas and belching. These are all signals of system malfunctions. In order to heal their behavior, and their heart, we have to also heal their body by providing the nutrients they need to rebuild and grow. Calcium deficiency causes sleeplessness and erratic behavior. Vitamin B deficiency causes jumpiness and disturbed thought patterns. Protein deficiencies can create an inability to focus that looks like ADD. Parents must be providing nutritious meals for their children.

Emotionally disturbed children are NEVER given control over the menu. We nurture through food. The parents must provide the nurturing through food, hugs, smiles, etc., to make a difference in the heart of a wounded child. We started using smoothies in the morning to replace ‘toxic waste’ cereals. Here is one of our favorite smoothie recipes for you to have fun with. Serve it with a smile!

The Power Smoothie creator is Adam deHoll. Here he is at 14 years old when he won his first cooking award competing with very experienced cooks. He has recovered from Asperger’s and is now a happy, loving, 20 year old!


Power Smoothie

1/2 container frozen orange juice concentrate
1 or 2 bananas
A couple of kiwi (other fresh fruit)
2 cups frozen strawberries (or other berries)
1 cup plain or vanilla yogurt
1 – 2 cups water

Put in blender. Hop on left foot until smooth. This makes three-four servings. We also add protein powder, minerals, flax seed oil, acidophilus, etc., according to Dianne Craft's nutritional program.

Nancy Thomas


Photo by Alex Green

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