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RAD Sibling Support

siblings Oct 28, 2022
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by Monica Badgley

 “I’m fine.” But how could she be? Sitting, waiting, with her jersey and cleats on, she had missed her last soccer game ever.

Her sister with RAD had locked herself in the bathroom, screaming obscenities, and refusing to come out. Once the game had begun and there was no way to make it in time, her sister unlocked the door and calmly came out. No apology, no remorse…just a smile.

This wasn’t the first time her sister with RAD had caused her to miss something important to her. In fact, it had become clear ….her sister determined the family schedule and controlled when and where they could go.

She’s not alone. Healthy siblings of children with RAD are hurting. They are on the front lines of the RAD battle, witnessing the destructive behaviors threatening their family. While everyone is caught up with the needs of their sibling, they are left to cope with the chaos and meet their needs themselves. Many healthy siblings also suffer trauma at the hands of the traumatized child with RAD. They may, along with their parents, show signs of PTSD.

These healthy siblings need support through community, validation, and awareness. That’s why the Badgley family created RADSibs. From parent resources to ‘Sib Spots’ for Kids and Teens/Young Adults, you can find podcasts, articles, music and more, providing relief and support for siblings of children with RAD.


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