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RAD and Food Stealing and Hoarding

food and nutrition parenting Nov 06, 2022
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Why Do Children Hoard Food?

Autumn is here! Harvesting the fruits and vegetables here on the ranch has kept us busy! Here is a picture of my cowboy with some of our cabbage for kraut! I hope your stash is plentiful. As we move toward winter I have a feeling of safety when the food supplies are stored up. This instant ” run to the store” life style most folks have is wonderful but I think of our children and how they steal and hoard food years after they were starved because they still don’t trust. 

As adults we trust that the stores will have what we need and supply us. What about when there is a blizzard, flood, fire, or other disaster? Then we start hoarding and stay that way once we have had to go without! Our children do the same! 

Some parents get hurt or angry that the child is still not trusting them after years of being served loving meals. How long would it take you to trust the stores again after arriving there in need to find bare shelves!?


Tools to Stop Food Hoarding

One of the tools I have used successfully is the “stash box”. I would get a container that was mouse, ant and corgi proof. I filled it with goodies that are delicious but have some nutritional merit such as those packages of crackers with peanut butter or cheese. I present it to the food hoarding child with instructions to hide it. Before they do I tell them: ” the emptiness you are trying to fill is here, in your heart. You keep trying to fill it in your stomach! I have touched each package and put my love in it so when you eat it you will be taking in my love.”  Keep a huge refill supply ready! Within a few short weeks that stash will not need to be refilled as often and then soon not at all. The child will learn to trust that there will be food. They can learn that you are the source of nurturing and love and you understand their special needs. Harvest the love and trust from what you sowed! 

We can make a difference, Nancy


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