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parenting safety technology Nov 06, 2022
children sitting on couch with electronic devices

I almost poisoned my dog last night!! Elan works hard and yes, I spoil her! I admit it, I share my food with her. (It is part of my weight loss program:>)) 2 bites for me…one bite for her. As I sat savoring a rich chocolate truffle from my friend Judy, Elan came and sat next to me. I tore off a morsel and started to lower my hand to her!  I jolted to a halt when I realized, to her body, it is toxic. She softened her eyes more, closing them halfway and blinking her lashes in her sweetest corgi face of love. I looked into that adoring display and thought ” maybe only a little won’t hurt her… She will be sad and feel unloved if I don’t share..she won’t understand why I would eat it all.” I was torn. I quickly snapped to my senses and decided under no circumstances am I feeding my puppy poison! 


A Different Kind of Poison

Then I realized this is the identical situation when a child wants a cell phone or iPad.

The poison is porn. Some research says 60% of the net is porn, others report 90%. With emotionally disturbed children it is easier for them to head down the wrong path and end up in the quick sand. The more they fill up with secrets the more defiant and destructive they can become. 

When do we let them have a phone? When they have demonstrated the amount of responsibility to handle it safely, not loose it, swim with it or call local drug dealers. Cell phones are convenient for connecting. Who is your child going to connect to? And who else? When they begin driving it feels safer to have a way to call parents. Excellent, get them a phone that calls with no camera or internet access. Bottom line you give them access to the Internet when it will not be poison to them or you.


What Matters is What is Good for Them

It does not matter if they will feel unloved or whine and show you their sweetest face. What matters is what is good for them. My friend, Judy, told her son, Sprout, he could have a cell phone when he was of legal age to sign a contract. You choose what’s right for your children. Choose wisely. It matters.


Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative

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