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RAD and Kryptonite

parenting self care Nov 05, 2022
two trophy cups

What’s your kryptonite? I was ruminating about it lately and have some ideas and dilemmas but I have DEFINITE PROOF that our children were born to be superheroes! Remember the details of Superman’s early life? He was born on the planet Krypton that was going to blow apart so his loving parents sent him to earth to save his life. A loving couple that raised him and did not understand his sometimes-strange behavior adopted him. He did not act like other children!

His great power was drained to nothing by a small piece of his home planet. Reminders of his past made him weak. Memories of his early life drained his power. A small piece of his first home rendered him helpless and others had to rescue him and bring him back to the present time away from the kryptonite!

There you have it! Many wounded kiddos are being raised not by their birth parents but by others who love them. They act strange and not like other children. Memories of the past and early life make them too weak to even think straight! Others must help them by bringing them to the present where they are safe and can rebuild their strength. Those facts PROVE our children were born to be superheroes. On top of that they are MUCH stronger than other children in many ways.

Take that a step further. What is YOUR Kryptonite? What makes you weaker as a parent? Does your child’s lying turn your face purple with rage? Does your child’s irresponsible behavior turn you into a screaming bundle of fury? Can your child melt your kind heart with one excellent hate look? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t even love your child any more because you have had ENOUGH! Kryptonite… buttons from the past that our challenging children push that make us weak. 

Let’s continue to work on our superpowers as we raise our challenging children to be the best they can be because we worked hard to be the best WE could be. Sticker charts don’t work with our kids because their brain got derailed from too much fear and pain as babies. They work for us! Get a bunch of them and give yourself one every time you keep your eyes soft in the face of you know what. Stick one on your shirt when your voice is kind and loving when it normally would have been blasting. You will be surprised how good it feels to count all those stars when you change into your pj’s and pat your self on the back for getting stronger. Maybe YOU need to get a cape for the job parenting this child. You are my Superheroes for loving the unlovable and keeping on when it is nearly impossible and anyone else would have quit long ago.. You make it possible for the children to be the super heroes they were born to be. Overcome your kryptonite and help them overcome theirs!


Photo by Anna Shvets

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