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Mike Steps Up To The Winner’s Mound

stories of hope Oct 28, 2022
boy pitching baseball

by Mike’s Mom

Mike plays Little League. It is his passion. In the past when things didn’t go well, there have been varying degrees of anger on the field. Last night, he was pitching and did well for the first two batters. Then he got wild. I could see him getting frustrated and embarrassed (he thinks he has to be perfect on everything) and was awaiting the storm. Instead, he called time, stepped off the mound and gave himself a quick attitude adjustment (jumping up and down a few times and taking a deep breath). He then went on to pitch well and strike out 6 kids. I was so proud of him for knowing when he needed to calm himself down. Before we went to the Family Camp with you, he had no idea (nor did we) of how to handle the frustration. Thank you so much!


Photo courtesy of pixabay

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