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Classroom Clashes Conquered By Brave Behaviorist

school stories of hope Oct 28, 2022
teacher asking students a question

Hello Nancy,

I attended one of your conferences at Cape Cod. I am a behaviorist working with a child that has RAD. When I came back I presented the information that you gave to his parents, my agency, and the school that I work at. They agreed to allow me to try your techniques. They were hesitant at first, but now are singing my praises for the dramatic turn around in this young man’s behaviors. He still has a little more to work on, but wow what a difference!!! After the third time of having to wash my cloths because he spit on them, the dramatic change took place.

We have 75 days left in the school year to complete the transformation, but I have no more fears that he will turn out just fine. The parents are thankful for my hard work. The agency I work for is stunned. And I have presented part of your program to my school district. They are impressed. By the way, this kid was one of the worst child abuse cases in Vermont’s history. The school was terrified of him and my co-workers shuttered whenever his name was mentioned. The opposite is now true. Thank you for your knowledge and passing it on.

I am working on my Masters degree and one of the courses I am taking deals with current hot issues in education. The topic I have chosen to argue is: “Are we over-medicating our children and sending them to school?” He was taking 5 different meds 3 times a day. Now he only takes 2 once a day. What a change!! They hope to have the doctor take the other 2 away soon.

Thank you again so much for what you do.



Photo by Max Fischer

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