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Children of the Sand: A Poem by Lt Col. Robert Thomas (Ret.)

stories of hope Oct 28, 2022


My son, Captain (at the time) Robert Thomas of the US Marine Corps, wrote this poem about the children of Iraq. He was there 4 times risking his life for their freedom. He has a special heart for children. I hope you enjoy it. Please remember him, his wife and 5 children, and his men, in your prayers. Note the “fruit of Cuba” is sugar cane (not cigars)!

Nancy Thomas

In the land of the sand, wanting dreams became horrible screams. With His power the storm of the West swirled its life giving wind into the soul and hearts of the starving generations. The eagle that rides the storm’s crest inspires children of the valley of two rivers. Her strength and awe attack the fever that puts their little heads down. Eyes of wonder gaze upon the giants that bring something strange and new to them, the smile of approval. A returned salute gives birth to the dream that tomorrow will shine a new rainbow. Guardians of the Constitution share the fruit of Cuba as it mingles with cocoa beans to see the delight of the future. Our love of freedom will prevail to usher in the new day of dancing children, merry maidens, and men of courage.


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