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Family Bonding Camps: Time for S'more Love

bonding camp parenting Oct 30, 2022
man and child by campfire

S’mores, Campfire Singing, Crafts…Do you have Great Childhood Memories of Camp? I do. I also remember many children crying on the bus as we pulled away from the parking lot full of waving parents. How about if camp included the parents and was designed to pull together parent and child into a closer, more loving, happier relationship? That is what our camps are all about! Years later parents have shared with me, their child will sometimes remark, “Remember that camp? Can we go back and do it again?” They want s’more!

The memories last a lifetime to override the memories that echo through our child’s brain of neglect, abuse and pain. Our Family Bonding Camps fill their memory tank with good stuff. They started out as a training program for parents with the opportunity to “practice” on their children in real life. They have ended up being a turning point and saving many placements that were breaking down.

Sometimes not only the placement is breaking down, the parents are breaking down from exhaustion and stress. Coming together with other parents who understand and “get it” is unbelievable encouragement that parents love.

Our Happy Campers stay connected after camp through an online group. They continue to share their smiles, memories and encouragement while raising their children to be respectful, responsible and fun to be with. While most of our camps are for children ages 5-13 we have one camp each year for older teens. Why not join us? Check out our camp page to see our camps around the world. We’ll keep a spot at the campfire for you!


Photo by Ron Lach

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