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Calming Chaos in Class

school Nov 06, 2022
two girls using laptop with classmates

She raised her hand and challenged me, ” You mean when my friend and I go out on weekends to run over cats, there’s something wrong with that?” “Yes.” I replied. One after another six students tried to argue with me that the torturing and killing of animals they had been doing “for fun” was alright.

I had been a guest speaker in Mrs. Cartcher’s High School class for many years. This time was different. Before my presentation on bonding and attachment she apologized for the rudeness I would be dealt as I taught. She shook her head sadly and said she “had lost her touch” at managing a class after 20 years. 

When the class was completed the six sick students shoved their way past the others and out into the hall. I turned to reassure this great teacher that NO-one could get control of a class with this many emotionally disturbed children among the 20 healthy ones! Cruelty to animals is one of the signs of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). 

I dream of a day when parents are listened to and respected by teachers and teachers are honored and appreciated by parents. I would love to see the day when teachers are empowered with tools to help students with little to no conscience development caused by RAD. Children should be surrounded by a team at school and at home that can identify and provide them help before they are launched into the world.

I am not one to just dream. I am working to make it happen! It was a huge honor for me to have been invited to speak for the Love and Logic Summer Seminars! 600 great teachers attended from all over the world. We had such a successful training that the excitement generated an encore and I will be back next summer with Love and Logic in Vail, Colorado!

DeColores Montessori School in Greenville, Ohio recently  hosted me to speak to an outstanding assembly of teachers and parents to make their school one of the few trauma informed schools in the country. There are great schools that care a tremendous amount about our trauma effected children with attachment disorder. There are others that are still using behavior modification techniques and failing. Let’s get the tools in their hands that work! Brain Based Behavior Interventions (3BI) are research backed and proven. Those of you that read my blog get an extra bonus! Instead of paying $25 to get an excellent education themed webinar, this one is a gift from me to you! Here is the link and the secret code is schooldaze 

I plan to team up educators and parents with insight and effective tools to turn the children with RAD around before we lose any more great teachers to discouragement and burnout and any more pets to sick kids!  Let’s stop the violence in our homes and our schools. Join me and we can make a difference!

Photo by Max Fischer

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