A Helpful Letter For Parents

Dear Grandparents (cousin, neighbor, church friend etc.),

Our son/daughter________ has been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). It is an emotional disturbance not usually shown to others but targeted toward their Mom and sometimes Dad. I believe you have not seen enough of the symptoms to be concerned.

We have seen the behaviors and are gravely concerned! We are now pulling together to surround our child with the healing environment necessary to save him/her. We have hired a qualified treatment provider to guide us as we work to help heal our child.

During this time we request your prayers and support. We will not be going out as a family or having guests over during this initial healing time. Our phone will be rolled over to the answering machine so that we can stay focused on helping__________. We are totally committed to doing all we can to save him/her and ask for your love and support as we fight for our child’s future during this crucial time.

We hope you understand that we are doing all we can to save our child and will not be available during the next few months for phone calls or visits. I plan to send you cards to let you know we are all still alive so you don’t worry. If you would like to; I would love to get cards of support and encouragement from you to help keep us going during this time of pulling in and focusing. It would mean a lot to us. Thank you!

Love, ____________

If this is for Grandparent you may choose to add:

You raised me (my spouse) to be loving, kind and wise. You did a great job! If those same techniques were successful with our special needs child I would sure use them! They cannot be effective because of the trauma that caused the brain to work differently so we are using the research backed and proven techniques for this disorder. I know they look different and are hard to understand. I am asking you to trust us and know that we love this child and are doing everything we can to heal their heart, mind and soul.


I hope you will also find These Cards For Strangers helpful in every day life!