$40 (includes shipping)

Terrific Tools for Teachers - DVD Set

This program guides educators to regain control of their class with challenging students (especially those with RAD). It works!

What you'll get:

  • How to use these new tools
  • Why it works
  • Exactly how to get started

Parents and other students will also love this program! It builds better brains while it lifts the load of stress. Your order will be shipped to you promptly. Share it with everyone working with the child. You have my permission!

What People Are Saying:

We got this to help with a few student. It worked so well we used it for our entire elementary school. Parents started calling to learn how to use it at home. Even the students loved it!

Patricia M. Grand Junction CO

I felt like you do truly empower educators to help us do a better job serving young people. I believe that the methods you teach give teachers another tool to help kids achieve success in their lives. Thank you so much !!

–Chet B., Teacher