Restore the peace in your home

Come to Healing Hearts Camp where you will be empowered to cut the chaos, and bring love and laughter back to your family.

Near Vail, Colorado June 16-22, 2024

Investment: $2000 for two family members and $600 for each additional one over 3 years old. A $500 deposit will hold your place.   

Campers for this camp must bring, borrow or rent an RV with a bathroom.


Soar to new heights 

Learn how to lead your challenging child to success

  • Research backed and proven life changing techniques
  • Banish lying, stealing, arguing and more
  • Be surrounded with support and expert  help to reach your goals
Let's do this!



Your child's abilities to be:

  • Respectful (Cut the rudeness!)
  • Responsible (Get it done!)
  • Fun to be with! (Laugh together!)


Heart transformation 

Together find a powerful connection to fill your hearts with joy

  • Healthy meals together as a family
  • A place to rest and recharge
  • Family activities to build trust, relationships, cooperation and LOVE
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What past campers are saying...

“After camp my wife and I have hope for the future now where there wasn't any a few weeks ago.”

Ray H

“Before camp we were floundering and people were wondering about our parenting. We just didn't have the tools. Since camp my wife is just enjoying life and we are laughing more.”

Norman P

"I feel light and free! Before camp my heart used to feel so heavy. I think camp helped!”

Heather age 6

Become a happy family!

Come, get new effective tools to stop the battles, de-stress, take back the leadership, and find peace.


If you would like more information it is here:


Nancy Thomas

Because of her love for the families, Nancy developed and fine tuned this camp for over 45 years. She will be here live at this camp to bring her powerful healing tools directly to you, in person!