Attachment therapy is an essential part of healing children with Reactive Attachment Disorder.  The specialized parenting techniques go hand-in-hand with the therapy to provide the therapeutic environment necessary for the child to feel safe enough to open their heart to trust and love again.

The hundreds of us that have joined together in our quest to help these severely disturbed children share knowledge and new techniques with each other.

One of our goals with this site is to locate trained, experienced, Attachment Therapists. Please look over the Therapist Recommendation Form and encourage your clients to fill it out and send them in.  Each therapist gets a star for each recommendation from the families they have been successful in helping.  There are many stars out there!  Are you one of them?  If not, there is more training available.  We need more therapists in many states to help with the hundreds of thousands of these profoundly disturbed children.  It is tough, exhausting  work–with huge rewards in the form of lives saved.  If you are an Attachment Therapist please join our growing list of therapists with stars.

Interested in skill building? We invite professionals to apply to be on our intervention team at our camps. Two days of training and a week of experiential professional development will bring a deeper level of understanding, new skills and a power boost of motivation to build your healing program. Apply by calling 970 984 2222 or email Let us know which camp you are interested in.